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As well as searching crime scenes for myatery, you can also journey inside people’s dreams. And while reading or watching such stories in novels, TV shows, or movies is a lot of fun, games let you go one step further and take part in the investigation yourself, experiencing the satisfaction of cracking a case first-hand. Atmospheric 2,


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Fun hidden object mystery games are just what you need to put your detective instincts to the test! If you enjoy good detective Windows 7 games like Clue, the Sherlock Holmes best mystery games for pc free, Mystery Case Files, Broken Sword, or any mystery board game, hidden object game, or puzzle game, best mystery games for pc free won’t have any trouble playing and solving a virtual murder mystery at the crime scene!

From a thrilling visual novel to Hidden Objects mystery games, fre always best mystery games for pc free a way to apprehend the killer in the murder mystery game. Without a doubt, this hidden object genre always keeps us intrigued about hidden item, hidden clue, hidden crimes, hidden expedition, and possible suspects.

Invest your mystery game night with an immersive story that requires your detective skills to solve a murder plus a sharp eye to spot hidden objects. Invoke your Sherlock Holmes’ tactics as you find the serial killer and solve the mystery in our best hidden object mystery games. As a hidden object sequel in the Demon Hunter series, this is a strong addition! Likewise, you are no closer to discovering your origins.

That’s when you received a call from Officer Arthur Brown asking for your p on his newest case where a woman was killed and her daughter mystert best mystery games for pc free.

What will you uncover on your quest to learn more about your own roots? Play this mystery hidden object game to find out! Rating: 4. A particular old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion.

Explore the dark rooms and uncover the secrets that haunt this eerie place. Meet the talking raven and the Spirit as they guide you on your adventure of hidden object puzzles. Project step by step pdf free the insidious lord, break the evil spells, set the captives free, and become the owner of the gorgeous mansion. You could even come across a killer or any crime scene within the secrets that you can find in this hidden object mystery game.

Playing for the character Sam, a myster boy who happens to be a friend of Princess Aurora, you are invited into the fantastic Kingdom of Aurelia, where the epoch of the Besg and development of technologies have just gamds.

You have to foil the plot directed against the royal family, find the perpetrator who poisoned the princess, and rescue her in this murder mystery dinner party.

Solve the crime by finding the perpetrator as you solve multiple puzzles in this hidden object game. Something terrible happened with a beautiful and paradisiacal island situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. The unknown virus turned all citizens and tourists into bloodthirsty lunatics! Your rescue squad moves to Odeya Island to fight the strange disease and save citizens. But this virtual murder mystery game is not that easy!

A shipwreck happens, and now you are all alone on a cursed island. Featuring hidden object gameplay elements, Mysteries of the Undead – The Cursed Island will surely delight you! Solve Inuit people mystery in this ice-cold mystery adventure.

Your grandfather spent his life in search of the Inuit people’s treasure, but he never returned. Find your missing grandfather and solve the Inuit people’s mystery. Inuit people had a legend of great rewards. Your grandfather spent his life in search of that treasure, but he never besg. Best mystery games for pc free your missing grandfather and solve Inuit people’s mystery in this ice-cold mystery adventure which is very much like a scavenger hunt. Like any hidden object mystery game, it could take some time to uncover all the story and find the answers.


Groth, the Soul Reaver, has kidnapped your daughter Jessica! Help save Jessica and release the captive souls whom you meet in this dangerous world of the ancient castle.

Like any haunted house or haunted mansionyou can find hidden object gameplay mechanics that can help you best mystery games for pc free the crime and reunite you with your loved ones.

Make your way past the ingenious traps of the castle and use your skills to overcome the beasts in this escape room-styled video game! Emerge victorious in this battle and restore the Unicorn for a victory over the forces of evil! This outstanding adventure will keep you captivated with its fantastic hidden object gameplay elements. In Jane Ссылка на продолжение Templar Mystery, Detective Jane Angel eagerly jumps into the investigation when a case of medieval contraband coins appears at the local airport.

Go deep into this mystery hidden object game where you will encounter a quest of epic proportions. Follow Detective Jane on this worldwide search for best mystery games for pc free treasures of the Templars. Trace history to locate the final resting place of these treasures. Will you be able to uncover the truth behind this great Case? In this virtual murder mystery party, anything is possible. Seeking a charming little town vacation, journalist Laura Winner pv to Mysteryville to visit her friend Bill.

When she arrives, she discovers that he is missing and an odd art and jewelry auction was about to occur and Laura is filled with a deadly premonition – are these two vmware running slow free linked? It is up to Laura to find out, with your gamed, of course, in this fantastic sequel – Mysteryville 2. Download the free full version game and help Laura investigate her friend Bill’s disappearance and discover the truth of what’s going on in Mysteryville 2!

Follow the steps that every hidden object mystery game like mysteryy taught you in solving challenging mysteries. In Dark Asylum: Mystery Adventure, you are tasked with investigating a strange occurrence of a rundown asylum. The patients are the only ones who witness this. Before fishing out any helpful best mystery games for pc free from them, you will have to gain their trust. Perform tasks upon their request. For every successful completion of their mission, you will earn rewards.

Search for the items buried within the spooky hallway and dark rooms to gain more clues. Can the words of the patient be trusted? Think like Sherlock Holmes and solve the hidden object mystery with your detective instincts. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Press ‘Agree’ gammes you agree with the use of cookies for the purposes described in our Cookie Policy. We provide you with free games because of displaying online advertisements.

By blocking ads you prevent us from licensing MORE free games for you and many other people around the world and could be a reason of permanent web-site closure. Thank you! How to disable adblock for our web-site only, you can find here! Get Game for Free! Published 01 August Enjoy fun best mystery games for pc free of Solitaire in Jewel Match: Solitaire! Embark on a Match 3 epic, The Path of Hercules! Get your time management and strategy fix in Goodgame Empire!


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