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Logic pro x convert 44.1 to 48 free.

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Hi, I made a bit of a mistake. I created a bunch of track in Logic Pro X with 44khz as project setting. For music libraries the tracks have to be 48khz. You’ll need to spit them all out at your recorded sample rate and then convert them to 48k afterward, either using Logic or a third party app.


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Oct 11,  · It’s very simple in Cubase. You go into Project/Project Setup and you change the sample rate to Khz. It will ask you if you want to convert the sample rate of the audio files. Click on “yes”. It will ask you if you want to keep audio samples at their positions. Answer (1 of 5): Other respondents have talked about which software packages you might use to perform the conversion. But I was wondering whether your question concerned how those software algorithms actually accomplish the process. The process is actually quite simple. First, you’ll note that t. Sep 12,  · go to the Audio Bin and select all the files. choose Copy/Convert under Audio File. create a new folder in the original project folder named Audio 48k or something like that. select that folder as the destination for the new files. change sample rate to 48 (or 44,1 if it´s the other way around).



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